George – Resident Topless Waiter
By day George is a truck driver for a logistics firm, going around London making deliveries, but by night he is a different person entirely.
A year ago, he began going to the gym, but after finding out from his family that his great grandad was a strongman he soon started weight lifting.
Inspired by his grandad’s career, George now practices all the lifts that his great grandad was versed in, often getting some rather strange looks from on lookers, but continues anyway in tribute as a sign of respect for his personal idol.
As part of his fitness regime George joined a weight loss plan and soon after was asked as a favour to take part in a ladies night as a topless waiter at Dunstable Bowling. He was apprehensive at first but decided it was the least he could do. On arrival, he was handed a bow tie, introduced to the other entertainers and then the night began. He danced with the ladies, entertained the crowds and loved every moment of it. It was here he was head hunted by Emerald Kitty and asked to join the resident team.
In his teenage years, George performed in a band as a singer, where he quickly learnt to keep a crowd on their feet and fell in love with the limelight. So, when Emerald Kitty asked him to take part in their Burlesque shows he quickly agreed.
George is now one of Emerald Kitty’s resident topless waiters bringing a cheeky smile and his old school gentlemanly ways to keep the glimmer in the ladies eyes and the party going.
He looks forward to seeing you all soon at one of Emerald Kitty’s Burlesque evenings.
Josh – Resident Topless Waiter & Model
Josh was born and brought up in St.Albans. He has his own sports therapy and masseuse business in Watford called Gains Without Pains. He is also the sports therapist for Welwyn’s first VX and the OA saints rugby teams.
A well travelled man, Josh has toured and surfed his way around Europe, Australia, Indonesia, The US, Canada and Vietnam. Being a fitness person in every sense of the word, Josh is up for any sporting endeavours but actively pursues opportunities to surf, sail, snowboard, kite board, rock climb and play underwater hockey.
Josh is known in the commercial modelling world, having started modelling in primary school, he has appeared in a number of advertising campaigns over the years, most memorably an accountancy firms campaign that had him suited climbing a rock wall.
Josh is an outgoing type and always ready to entertain so when presented with the opportunity to join the team and perform in the Emerald Kitty burlesque shows he could not refuse!